Where can I buy 2D characters with 4 or 8 direction walk cycles

  • #10, by unrealThursday, 02. April 2015, 15:59 9 years ago
    Hi everyone,

    I've made a smooth animated character (walk&talk in 8 directions) using CrazyTalk Animator 2. It's not that easy to make than I thought but it's efficient ! Feel free to use it for your project (Vis4.1) it's a free of right character as mentioned on CrazyTalk Animator's Website.



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  • #11, by 3dFoinFriday, 29. May 2015, 09:58 9 years ago
    You may try iClone, it has pre-made 3d characters and animations which you can export (render) to image files


    you can buy models at our store also, we have many fantasy characters/creature and some modern ones, they're animated, we can render those animations for you:


    character example attached.


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  • #12, by gibojoseThursday, 05. October 2017, 14:04 7 years ago
    I just found very nice 2D characters also here. https://mobilegamegraphics.com Which is i bought some of their very nice characters and they also have a free stuff as well.


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