Visionaire Studio 5 Lizenz? Kompatibilität mit anderen Game-engines?

  • #10, by afrlmeTuesday, 07. November 2017, 20:56 3 years ago
    Popular enough for spammers though wink
    Aye, we have a blast (shakeshark) at banning & deleting their posts. At least Calli came up with a nice easy solution that allows us to simply click on their avatar, click on ban, click on the confirm button & it deletes them along with all of their threads/messages. I suppose their should be an option to only delete & ban them without removing all threads/messages too in case it's a regular member, but thankfully it's never come to that, so the current system is enough for now. smile


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  • #11, by marvelSaturday, 11. November 2017, 00:37 3 years ago
    Weiterhin funktioniert der Link zum Branding-Material nicht, da hätte ich gerne einmal hineingeschaut, gibts das Zip noch irgendwo?

    Der Link zum Branding ist => smile

    Eine Pixelvariante des Logos könnt ihr gerne erstellen. smile Wir können die gerne dann auch mit ins Branding-Archiv aufnehmen

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  • #12, by astroknightSaturday, 11. November 2017, 00:54 3 years ago
    Sehr nice, danke smile


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