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  • #1, by mbdev87Tuesday, 04. April, 23:25 A month ago

    I have an issue when saving game in editor on PC.
    The XML serializer removes empty lines from file generated on macOS, which results in about 25k modifications.

    I'm trying to check how this engine behaves in mixed PC/MAC environment with source control in place.

    All modifications in rooms are stored as XML which is fine to merge, but not when this occurs. 

     I _could_ ignore whitespaces, but that's not the point the file is modified *a lot* between versions and merging changes from 2+ people can be tricky.


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  • #2, by SimonSWednesday, 05. April, 10:17 A month ago
    That's a problem with the \r\n line endings. The mac client needs to be set-up to use \r\n for single lines and not make two lines out of it. It's a problem I had with the source code as well.

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  • #3, by mbdev87Wednesday, 05. April, 12:35 A month ago
    I thought for some reason that it will not properly recognize .ved files as text data. 
    But indeed setting this in macOS P4 workspace did the trick. 



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