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  • #1, by CamouflageSunday, 28. June 2015, 15:41 9 years ago
    Hi, can someone please tell me exactly how to use lua script in visionaire?
    I'm a newbie and i just want to know what i need to do, so my script starts when i press start(F9).
    Is there a special syntax, or do i have to say somewhere, that i want to use my script?
    I would really appreciate any kind of support.
    Edit: in scene -> actions -> at the beginning of the scene I'm already calling the script, but it isn't working.
    Edit²: tried out random lua scripts, it's working. so i guess the problem is, that i'm trying to change a condition from a scene object in a wrong way.
    If the condition is a variable, then i just should be able to change it in lua script with
    conditionname == whatever
    .. but it isnt working, could someone tell me how it is done correct?


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  • #2, by afrlmeSunday, 28. June 2015, 20:20 9 years ago
    Can you post some screenshots & the code you are trying to use please? as well as provide me with a clear understanding of what you are trying to achieve. Cheers.


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