Using .Gifs as animation sprites

  • #1, by ygmantellWednesday, 22. July 2015, 01:45 9 years ago
    I do most of my animating in photoshop (pixel art) and wanted to know if I could import one whole gif file with all of the frames, rather than making a new image for every frame. Am I able to do this?

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  • #2, by afrlmeWednesday, 22. July 2015, 01:58 9 years ago
    Umm try it & see? I don't recommend using gifs though as they are often inferior to most other image formats & I'm not so sure whether they will scale up / down so well to players desktop resolutions.

    Why do you animate in photoshop? Wouldn't it be more beneficial to use something like Spriter? In any case I believe you could probably create some action to automatically export all the frames in the animation - although there might already be an option for that in photoshop already?

    Ahh just found this article via google:


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  • #3, by sebastianWednesday, 22. July 2015, 07:31 9 years ago
    when using photoshop you can batch export every layer as a single png

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  • #4, by SimonSWednesday, 22. July 2015, 11:14 9 years ago
    Gif is most shitty, lowest compression, lowest quality animation you can get. And that it's all of the internet ? That's just because it has been there since the 90s.

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  • #5, by LebosteinWednesday, 22. July 2015, 14:31 9 years ago
    @Simon: There are exceptions. Here you can see the best animated gifs in the world (it's palette cycling only, not realy animated pictures):

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  • #6, by SimonSWednesday, 22. July 2015, 14:39 9 years ago
    Yeah, know that page, but it's not a gif grin Click show options, you see the palette there, the colors are cycled, so it's a static image and the colors are cycled.

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