Turn off shaderlamp.

  • #10, by yoyanThursday, 18. June 2015, 16:48 6 years ago
    Omg! Im stupid! Thanks Simons!.
    and thanks afrlm to explain how find my .log.

    You can explain more details about developer console please.
    For what it importan use it. Can you explain useful uses? Thanks for everything! you are of great help. smile.


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  • #11, by afrlmeThursday, 18. June 2015, 16:59 6 years ago

    It's mostly used for debugging & finding out information about your game when it's running. For example you can display the log on the screen, or you could change the scene, character, change a condition or set a value. Display information about a specific animation or a list of active animations along with various information.

    Besides the developer console there is another tool (overlay) for displaying a live feedback of used ram, vram, cache, cpu etc by pressing the HOME (POS1) key on your keyboard.


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