Turn before walking problem

  • #1, by TinTinSaturday, 29. April 2017, 15:46 7 years ago

    I asked it before at the little post but I don't get success yet.

    Would you mind please help me for Turning system . How is it work?

    I Appreciate for any example or clear explain.

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  • #2, by sebastianSaturday, 29. April 2017, 16:35 7 years ago
    It was added in VS5 RC0, but with no documentation on what to do exactly.
    I would wait and let them release the "final" (stable) version for VS5 

    As far as i can tell you now have a new "Turn animations" tree branch in your outfits where you can set the start and stop direction for that animation... Not sure what to do exactly if you have multiple stops but one start , etc.

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  • #3, by marvelSaturday, 29. April 2017, 17:08 7 years ago
    That's right. You have a starting direction and a stop direction. You would have to provide a turning animation for each case.

    For example:
    - Turn left to up
    - Turn left to right
    - Turn left to down
    - Turn up to left

    Basically it is working. It was the easiest solution for the moment and easy to handle for the most. But as you can imagine it is not very flexible. If you have 16 directions it will become almost impossible because of the sum of nescessary animations.

    I think in the future we will need a different system, that completely fulfills the needs of professional game developers. But thats very complicated...

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  • #4, by MachtnixSaturday, 29. April 2017, 18:40 7 years ago
    If it works with 8 directions it would be great.

    Also with start- and stop animations in one direction (for hair breads, shawls, clothes)?

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  • #5, by afrlmeSaturday, 29. April 2017, 20:05 7 years ago
    If it works with 8 directions it would be great.

    Also with start- and stop animations in one direction (for hair breads, shawls, clothes)?
    I think he means 8 directions per rotation. As in you need 8 or maybe it's 7 from say...

    east > north east
    east > north
    east > north west
    east > west
    east > south west
    east > south
    east > south east

    You can add start & end rotation inside of each of the animations.

    Personally I think this is the cleanest, most accurate solution, but it's a lot of work for anyone creating art/animations by hand rather than animating in a 3D program where they can create a rotation animation, then rotate the camera as needed to export the animation from different angles.

    * edit: you was talking about start/stop walk animations? Start are easy enough as you can add them inside of walk animations & force animation frames with Lua script. The end walk animation would be the hardest part to sort out.


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  • #6, by gabartsSunday, 30. April 2017, 00:02 7 years ago
    And for just 4 views (Monkey Island)? 3/4 view is optional right?

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  • #7, by sebastianSunday, 30. April 2017, 00:27 7 years ago
    And for just 4 views (Monkey Island)? 3/4 view is optional right?

    when you mean by 3/4 view the diagonal directions of a character then yes, these are optional.

    Nonetheless you have to consider that also when using these turn animations have to be set for every start/stop direction possibilites:

    north - west
    north - south
    north - east

    east - south
    east - west
    east - north

    south - west
    south - north
    south - east

    west - north
    west - east
    west - south

    (as far as i understand this new concept)

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  • #8, by afrlmeSunday, 30. April 2017, 00:59 7 years ago
    Aye mate, that sounds about right. You also have to consider which way the character is going to rotate. Obviously he's going to rotate clockwise if you go from east to south-west, but what about west? You'd have to choose which way they are going to rotate as you won't be able to randomize it unless you add animations for both directions inside of the same animation & use Lua to force which frames should play.

    @gabarts: you can adjust the amount of directions the compass has by default via the options for the Visionaire Studio editor. There's a section in which you can input the amount of degrees to use. By default it's set to 45º which is 8 directions. 90º would be 4 directions. 22.5º would be 16 directions, but decimal values aren't allowed for some reason.

    extras > options > settings: precision for direction selection (in º)


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  • #9, by TinTinSunday, 30. April 2017, 16:47 7 years ago
    OK. Thanks guys . It works perfect for me at 8 direction .

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