transparent "menu"?

  • #1, by sebastianSaturday, 04. July 2015, 19:29 9 years ago
    hey guys,

    is it possible to have a "menu" scene behave like an interface which you can lay (with alpha transparence) over the scene?
    I'd like to achieve a menu which is not fullscreen, but a small area in the center of it. The background fades a bit darker and displays buttons like save, load, quit, etc. The problem here is when i want to use the save/load stuff i must use a menu instead of an interface. Here i am not able to have a transparent background. I know that it's like a new scene and for this the old scene gets unloaded (?).

    But is there a possible way to use all the menu features on interfaces OR to get transparence working on the menu?

    Any Ideas?

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  • #2, by afrlmeSunday, 05. July 2015, 00:28 9 years ago
    Default save system is only allowed in menu scenes. You could create your own save system with the autosave system & bit of magic (hard word with lua &/or action parts) which you would be able to apply to an interface.

    If I remember correctly there's an action part for storing the current scene to memory which you could execute before changing to the menu scene. It won't display the scene below the menu, but it should remember the character positions & store the loaded animations etc to cache so it doesn't need to reload the scene when you show it again.


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  • #3, by sebastianSunday, 05. July 2015, 12:42 9 years ago

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  • #4, by ke4Sunday, 05. July 2015, 13:05 9 years ago
    I played the Zak McKracken recently and there is pretty cool overlay menu. It opens the menu and the scene in the background gets blured. If you choose save or load game just then it opens the classic menu scene.

    Or by using the custom save system..

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