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  • #1, by crankschenkSaturday, 19. November, 20:54 2 weeks ago
    Has anyone of you already transferred your game to the SteamDeck with the SteamApp for testing and can report about it? Unfortunately that didn't work for me. And the app doesn't really give good error descriptions. smile


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  • #2, by petebrushSunday, 27. November, 12:19 A week ago
    I understood you want to run your game on SteamDeck, SteamOS main library.
    It works for me and here is what I found out:

    what didn't work:
    - first I added the "start" script via right klick in desktop mode "Add to Steam"
    - this added the game to steam libraray in SteamOS, but it wouldn't start. I guess the directories were set wrong.
    - I removed the game from the library

    what worked:
    - I went to desktop mode and opened Steam.
    - there I clicked on "Add non-steam game to steam"
    - I added the "start" script (I renamed it before to my games name)
    - I started SteamDeck in normal mode again (SteamOS)
    - I can now run the game and also use the buttons etc.

    Actually, running adventure games on steam is a lot of fun and I am already developing for steam deck controls, using action zones in combination with button actions etc.


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