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  • #1, by HasuakSunday, 13. July 2014, 01:55 10 years ago
    I'm working on a night club scene and of course it needs some booming music. I'm wondering how I should make the effect of fading between two versions of the track. First, muffled version, version should be heard outside the club, and it should fade into the actual good quality version when you enter the building. In short, there should be two equally long looping versions playing on top of each other and a trigger needs to fade the other out and other in without breaking the beat.

    Is this even possible in Visionaire? I don't know LUA, but maybe with an example I could work something out.


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  • #2, by afrlmeTuesday, 15. July 2014, 18:10 10 years ago
    Yes it would be possible with lua script.

    Using startSound function, a variable &/or a loop to keep track of the current audio files offset (current playtime value). That way you can start/stop each audio file as needed & play from a specified playtime offset value. You could alternatively have the 2 sounds playing at the same time but with one of them being muted. You would need to use lua script to fade the sounds smoothly mind.

    It's a shame we don't currently have any audio effects/plugins for the sound engine to manipulate filter cutoff, reverb, echo etc in real time.


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