The Weird Story Of Waldemar The Warlock, New Adventure Game on Kickstarter

  • #1, by enComplotSaturday, 29. March 2014, 18:18 10 years ago
    Hi all!
    We are very excited to present to the Visionaire community our new adventure game project, launched a few days ago!
    Here it is on Kickstarter

    You can try a little demo we prepared especially for the campaign and see how you like it! (available in English, German and Spanish!)

    We hope you enjoy it!


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  • #2, by gustySaturday, 29. March 2014, 20:09 10 years ago
    I tried demo version. I think overall feeling of art direction and gameplay is good, but I have a couple of things:

    a) "action" on double click and "walk to" on single click? Really? Man, why don't you unify that - just a single click for "walk to" as well as for "action". If there is non-action object then character just walks to it and stands here. And if there is action object, character walks to it and then automatically performs the action. Trust me, there is a lot of casual players who would be disappointed of this kind of interface. Why to have complex controls if you can have a simple elegant solution who everyone is used to?

    b) walking animation is glitched on my computer. It is exactly what I had in my own projects with character's animation in VS. When you walking with your character his legs are blurry every frame he walks. Maybe it's my opengl library missing some stuff, but what I heard, version 4.0 should take care of that "blurry walking animation" thing so maybe you want to look at it.

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  • #3, by afrlmeSunday, 30. March 2014, 03:31 10 years ago
    A'llo smile

    Seems you are around my current neck of woods according to your kickstarter location. I'm in Loja, about 30 minutes away or so.

    I like the art style, & the voice acting of the main character is very fun; reminds me of some of the classic British dark/black comedy shows of the 70's/80's etc. Fawlty Towers, Blackadder, & the monty python movies, of course smile

    Ok I've noticed a couple of bugs/oversights...

    Pressing space bar opens up some menu thing on the right hand side but you've incorrectly got it set on space & not space (released) - which means that it is constantly looping through the key action block until the player lets go of the space key as opposed to space (released) which is only triggered on key up.

    Your menus all seem to be nicely designed but the inventory interface just seems to pop up from closed position to open position instantly after you click on the open button. I think you would benefit from sliding it up or fading it in to the open position as it would look a lot nicer/more dynamic/fluid. see here: for how to slide interfaces.

    I've not really noticed anything else yet other than the signature character vibration when character is walking - vs thing. As Gusty - sort of - mentioned, the walk system has been updated for 4.0 & I've not noticed the character vibration when the new slide option is disabled in the outfit properties tab.

    Also agreed on the other point of using double click for interaction. I'm lazy, I prefer to single click everything! razz

    * almost forgot to say: good luck with your Kickstarter campaign. wink


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  • #4, by ScubidubiSunday, 30. March 2014, 05:16 10 years ago
    I like what i see and hear. Little high light for me smile back in the days this would have been a block buster i am sure smile now kids need call of duty.. and even that can't satify them anymore..but thats another story. I will look up how to donate on kickstarter. Never actually cared about it lots being a console guy. But i would love to help you even if i can only contribute litte smile

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  • #5, by enComplotSunday, 30. March 2014, 23:25 10 years ago
    Thank you all for trying our demo and for the constructive critisism. Part of the reason we made this demo , apart from showing people what we have in mind and whetting their appetite, is to get feedback from players on things such as those.

    About what a two of you mentioned, The way the clicks work is not set in stone by any means; and probably we will do as you say, as it seems to be more in keeping with what is currently being done and it is more user friendly.

    The issues with the animation, yes, we had noticed that, but as you say, hopefully now with version 4.0 which we inted to start using as soon as possible, that will be resolved.

    We gave also taken note of what you noticed with the space bar and the inventory and we look into it.

    AFRLme, right now I am not in Granada, but when I come back next week we could meet up and have a few cañ

    Other than that, just wanted to say, thank you all for the good wishes and the support

    Thank you too scubidubi, let´s participate in this rising from the ashes of the adventure game genre, it is happening right here! wink


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  • #6, by afrlmeSunday, 30. March 2014, 23:37 10 years ago
    hehe... I don't think the genre ever really died - well at least not for us that were brought up on the classic lucas, sierra, delphine, revolution etc games of the 80's & 90's. wink

    it just sort of decided to hide under a rock or inside of some dank & dark cave somewhere, waiting for the right moment to stumble somewhat awkwardly back into the light; the light being the new found interest thanks to (things I hate) hand-held devices such as smart-phones, tablets, nds/3ds & the psp/vita.

    & again., good luck with your campaign. smile

    P.S: if you get stuck with anything or just need help in general, then just post a thread on the forum & I'm sure one of the members, or myself can help you out.


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