Texturepacker import?

  • #10, by afrlmeSaturday, 31. December 2016, 12:21 8 years ago
    But I think: as long as Visionaire is not able to handle key frame animations, the import of various animation file formats is not worth discussing.

    PS: It seems there is an universal exchange file format for 2D and 3D animations named fbx:

    Isn't that the point of the Spine runtime library? Technically VS already has keyframe animation built into the regular animations as you can select a frame, click on the edit button & from that apply a sound fx or add some custom action parts or Lua script to it - at least I believe in a way that, that's similar to how keyframe works, no? I've messed around with Adobe After Effects before & that uses keyframes & all that did as far as I remember was to allow me to adjust parameters & trigger new things/kill existing things, etc.


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  • #11, by joerg-burbachSaturday, 31. December 2016, 15:54 8 years ago
    What about Anime Studio (Moho)? This is one of the most popular Animation tools....

    Looks a lot different from when I tried it. Debut price is reasonable, but the pro license is around about the same price as Spine & it's the features in pro version that are the ones that are most useful, such as the mesh warping feature.

    $267.99 on sale for pro version until 3rd January & then back to $399 RRP. It's a lot of money either way.
    It seems, I already own an older version of Anime Studio Pro... Was on a sale at some time. And there is also Opentoonz, which is free: https://opentoonz.github.io/e/

    It would be a great addition to VS to use Spriter runtime, or at least load generic sprite atlasses. 

    btw: we used fbx for motion capturing, and to animate a 3D-character built in Maya later in Unity: http://joerg-burbach.com/moonboy/


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  • #12, by melvilThursday, 11. May 2017, 17:44 7 years ago
    You've got DragonBones, a Spine-like 2D animation software, but open source and FREE.
    I use it for my project and it's really easy to learn it even if tutorials are more chinese than english. And mesh deformation and Ik constraints are available smile


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