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  • #1, by nick-lSunday, 15. November, 22:07 A week ago
    Hi there community,

    I was wondering if there's a way to display text with a small delay between each character so that a type-like effect is achieved. Anyone tried that and have a script he would be willing to share?



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  • #2, by afrlmeMonday, 16. November, 12:54 A week ago
    Are you wanting to apply that effect to all display texts or just specific texts? It's possible via looping action blocks or script. Zero scripting at all is very long winded, but possible. Personally I would probably recommend editing the speech bubble script Sebastian wrote & shared & use an incremental value along with string.sub (string.gsub - don't remember off the top of my head which is the correct one) to only show part of the full string. All in all it's not really something that's easy to sort out.

    Simon mentioned ages back about looking into adding support for built in text effects into Visionaire. I don't know if he got anywhere with those or if he still plans on adding them at some point.

    Here's one of the ved files I use for testing random things on. I was messing about with Lua draw a while back to test out various methods for creating a meanwhile... type scene & I even did a type writer variant of it, which I've set to show up automatically when you run the ved. Unfortunately the script for it probably isn't that easy to understand as it has extra stuff in it & I didn't comment any of it as I was just messing about.


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  • #3, by nick-lMonday, 16. November, 13:45 A week ago
    Hey, thanks a lot. I will check this out.

    No I do not want this for all the game text but for some specific cases such as scene intros.

    Definitely a text effect feature would be an awesome feature to have.


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  • #4, by nick-lMonday, 16. November, 13:59 A week ago
    I checked the file. It is exactly what I wanted. Thanks a lot.


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