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  • #1, by marchardMonday, 08. August, 23:37 2 months ago

    In my game, the text a character speaks is displayed right above the character's head. For years, this has worked just fine. When a character was standing at the edge of the screen, the text was automatically placed by the engine, i.e. moved further in, so that everything could be read.

    After not paying attention for a while, I noticed that the text is cut off when the character is at the right edge of the screen, i.e. the text is displayed incompletely.

    This bug must have come in since one of the last builds, probably version (Build 1231)

    Would be great if this could be fixed soon. Thank you.


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  • #2, by SimonSTuesday, 09. August, 09:23 2 months ago
    I'm gonna patch that this week. It's already reported on Discord.

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