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  • #1, by funkygallo-1Friday, 02. August 2013, 21:32 11 years ago
    meanwhile I'm learning Visionaire, I just thinking a possible storyboard.

    This is the question.
    Using Visionaire is possible to switch the main character as see in zak mckracken and the alien mindbenders and Manic Mansion?



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  • #2, by afrlmeFriday, 02. August 2013, 22:14 11 years ago
    yes, you can have multiple protagonists...
    if you want them all to have same inventory then you have to manually give/swap the current characters inventory over to the new character...

    select action part > characters > change character (select character from dropdown menu)
    if the character is on the same scene as current character then you can use either immediate or fade to depending on preferences...

    the playable characters must have a command interface linked to them & inventory etc...
    you can use same one as main character or if you want to create a custom one with different actions &/or visual style then create another interface for them.

    P.S: the item thing I mentioned is...

    select action part > interface > give all items to other character (select from char, to char)


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  • #3, by funkygallo-1Friday, 02. August 2013, 22:43 11 years ago
    Oh thank you.


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