Suggest software for backgrounds and character creation-animation

  • #30, by vkouroubSaturday, 15. March 2014, 20:12 7 years ago
    Yeah PAP is also a very good free 2d animation software. It used to be commercial and cost around 1000 $ i think.


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  • #31, by ScubidubiSunday, 16. March 2014, 03:40 7 years ago
    I study a lot of making ofs from disney movies. Especially the ones from toy story have a lot of additional infos on the approach of character development. Super interesting. If you're not too cool or adult to watch kiddy shows smile

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  • #32, by NigecSunday, 16. March 2014, 12:10 7 years ago
    Free and the models are rigged
    I had a very quick try and they don't look bad at all

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  • #33, by LynnWednesday, 02. April 2014, 09:27 7 years ago
    You can get quite a lot done with Shade 3D for Unity -

    While it does have a spiffy script for interacting with Unity 3D, it is also packed full of useful modeling tools and supports several common file formats. You can also do FBX based animation too.


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  • #34, by chong-wenThursday, 03. September 2020, 12:15 6 months ago
    Synfig Studio: This is one of those 2d animation software which is available for free but has the strength of an industrial software. Synfig Studio allows users to create powerful animations without having to graph and sketch frame by frame. You can create animations with the help of bitmap and vectors in Synfig Studio and all this can be done just by adopting.
    I use a XP-Pen Star G430: ; small drawing tablet with Synfig. For freehand drawing, and for tracing mainly.
    The fact that Synfig allows the pressure sensitivity to map to line width is very cool, but needs quite a bit of coordination to use effectively.


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  • #35, by afrlmeFriday, 04. September 2020, 00:40 6 months ago
    nice necro.


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  • #36, by BevvieThursday, 14. January, 16:08 A month ago
    Animationssoftware wird von Animatoren verwendet, um Bewegungsgrafiken auf Einzelbildbasis zu erstellen. Einzelne Frames werden kombiniert, um Bewegungsgrafiken für Videospiele und Animationsfilme zu erstellen. Aber wenn ich mich für einen Software-Hintergrund entscheiden möchte, möchte ich, dass die Idee des geometischen Musterdesigns als Software-Hintergrund attraktiver und interessanter aussieht. Nur für mich haben wir andere Wünsche und Vorlieben, daher habe ich beschlossen, auch Ihre Meinung zu respektieren .


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