Subtitles are not showing

  • #20, by ke4Saturday, 27. August 2016, 17:06 5 years ago
    Does selecting a font for subtitles work for you?

    game:setValue(VGameVideoSubtitleFont, getObject("Fonts[fontname]"))

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  • #21, by jmbmSaturday, 27. August 2016, 19:44 5 years ago
    (please excuse my bad english, but i try my best wink)
    No, that doesn't work for me either.
    But i "worked around". It always takes "Font0" for subtitles. But the bad thing with this is, that changing "Font0" to TrueType doesn't work (subs won't show up). So i just made a new font in Vis called "Subtitles". (It is a True Type Font, i chose "arial" for it as the TrueType font file, made it yellow, etc.)
    Then i checked the "True Type font" option at "Font0". After that you can choose the "Subtitles"-Font as a (parent-)font for it. And then it shows the custom TrueType font for subtitles. yay.

    For everything else choosing fonts works fine so far, so i think it is a good way to get a custom font for subtitles.


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