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  • #1, by brut69Monday, 24. August 2015, 17:27 9 years ago
    I know that this is not the best place to post this question but I can't find for my life anywhere else any answer on this so if anyone can help me it will be great

    My game is almost done but I complementing a few things about it
    1. It contains nudity (not porn). It has lots of breasts showing and minor "implied" sex scenes pretty much like "The Witcher 3" scenes where it shows nudity but it is not porn.
    2. It is in some parts violent (not snuff). There are few deaths in it as it is mostly a mystery theme.

    How do I rate the game? I mean... do I just say "Its rated R" for mature ? Since it is mostly cartoons , shouldn't be 15+?

    Does Steam accept this kind of games? I know they have similar ones like those are pretty big brands so they could be bending the rules for the income

    I am working my way through a demo (basically removing a bunch of scenes) and a website that I will be posting in a month but I am wondering if Steam is my best option or should I start with something like paypal cart ?

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  • #2, by tristan-kangMonday, 24. August 2015, 18:03 9 years ago
    As soon as the game is art, then you probably can publish it without doubt.

    I've seen the insane journey to the mental hospital and the bloody blood everywhere, even more there were two guys who were completely naked (even their genitals can be shown). The game's name is of course, the Outlast. Made by Red Barrels Games, indie game developers of course, not big brand yet.

    As you see the outlast's graphic, it's somehow realistic. But this game is still listed on Steam and popular anyway.

    Even the game which has realistic graphic with blood, gore, nudity, strong language is prosperous in Steam.

    Then your game, as you described it will be cartoon graphic. Then it seems ok to release it.

    I know Steam accepts any genre (even they accepted Hatred).

    By the way, the ones who rate the game is not developers. The developers need to submit their games to somewhere with fee and wait the rate.

    I brought some informative article for you.

    Its summary explains everything I guess.

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  • #3, by derOesiMonday, 24. August 2015, 18:21 9 years ago
    as far as I know, your game needs to be rated by the respective rating agencies before you can use any official branding, just saying.... not sure about steam itself (if you have to rate it, as information for buyers, go with the one you feel best with / which is the most fitting. But "not yet rated" would be the most correct label at the moment i guess.


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  • #4, by brut69Tuesday, 25. August 2015, 11:14 9 years ago
    Thank you all for your replies. I will keep posted once I have news

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  • #5, by fulviovTuesday, 25. August 2015, 15:57 9 years ago
    To add to what others have said - do not limit your selling options to Steam. Other platforms you should try to publish to are (which are owned by CD Projekt):
    and also the Humble Store:

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  • #6, by ke4Tuesday, 25. August 2015, 16:30 9 years ago
    I think you can't just rate your game, not sure how it works though. But even if you get the 18 rating, i don't think that matters anyway. Most of the best selling games has that. GTA for example.

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