Star-Trek-Fanboy-Adventure "Space Trip"

  • #1, by matthias-kleinSaturday, 16. February 2019, 22:49 5 years ago
    Hi adventure fans,

    I would like to introduce you to my newest point & click adventure: "Space Trip".
    It was created during the TV Game Jam within 2 weeks and is inspired by the Original Star Trek Series from the 60s.

    The task was to "explore the potential of TV as a source of inspiration for interesting and innovative video games".

    The story:
    Three fanboys try to save their favorite SciFi TV series, which has been dropped by the producers. During a school trip to the Nerdflix Studios, they get to know the leading actor of the series, who plays the role of Captain Clerk, and forge a surefire plan with him...



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  • #2, by NigecSunday, 17. February 2019, 09:17 5 years ago
    Nice work, although I'm only up to the master plan, I'll try later

    He should of had a red shirt.....

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  • #3, by esmeraldaSunday, 17. February 2019, 11:26 5 years ago
    Nice one, Matze. I really like your artwork. And the story is fun.
    Only critique I have is that I would have liked some more puzzles to scratch my head about. And an inventory. ;-) (but that is just the old-school-me...)

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