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  • #1, by DANOSAURThursday, 01. January 2015, 21:37 10 years ago
    Hey guys,

    during the process of thinking what kind of adventure game i want to write I came up with this little introductory piece. Just a short passage that summons up the core idea for the story. After leafing through different genre and ideas I wrote down how funny it would be to start a story with that exact problem: how to come up with an idea for an adventure game.

    Enough said. I just wanted to share this to get some feedback from the community on this madness. I am not sure if or how to continue this, but I will sure keep it in mind.

    An Adventure Game Idea by Daniel Teuchert

    What if you play an Adventure Game that totally confuses you? Ok that does not sound very promising. Here we go:

    First you are a Spaceman, lets call him “Buck” lost in some Strange part of the Universe.
    Then the game changes and you are in a lousy Appartment somewhere on Planet Earth.
    You can hear two men argue that it is the second most stupid thing ever to pick a Spaceman as the protagonist of an adventure Game.

    You continue the story as a Victorian Sherlock Holmes Wannabe, who looks exactly like Buck. That is of course not a coincidence. He wanders around a crowded pub trying to convince some Bully Giant that he was saying he "wanted to take a dump” while the bully mistook him for “ I will beat you bloody idiot numb”.

    Back in the Apartment one of the guys furiously claimed that detectives are as worn out as Zombi and Vampire Characters. He continues, ignoring the others moarning. Well if it should be like that we better take Larry Flints Autobiography and mix it with one Conan-Doyles stories. There goes the Victorian City Smell down some shaved arsehole of a Hispanic model. What a nightmare!

    Another “Buck” appears with a shotgun in his hands wearing a blood-stained Hugh-Heffner-like bathrobe in the middle of a Victorian brothel full of Zombies...

    The other guy interrupts again calling his mate a dickheaded sellout. How the fuck should a guy with a shotgun facing a bunch of Victorian Zombi hookers fit into the passive storytelling of a point and click adventure game???? That´s Bonkers man, he said.

    Ok, what about this says the other nerd: We make an adventure game about the insane process of coming up with a cool story for an adventure game. I mean isn´t that a cool idea man? We could totally freak out on every kind of genre or story that usually never would make it in a game.
    The main game character will be a guy who will be played within these different story worlds. These story worlds have an overall continuous plot told within stories of different genre and setting (obviously not connected, only through the main character).


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  • #2, by afrlmeWednesday, 07. January 2015, 17:48 10 years ago
    Sounds kind of wacky. Like some cross between Pendulo Studios: The Next Big Thing meets Eerie Indiana (a cult horror-comedy teen show from 90's) mixed in with the movie Inception.

    Some of it could work I guess, but a lot of it sounds completely "bonkers" & it seems to be overly crammed with modern day clichés & teen obsessions. IMO, that is! razz


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