Sol 705 a new click and point graphic adventure ready to play!

  • #1, by patolandSaturday, 04. November 2017, 18:56 7 years ago
    Hi guys! I would love to invite you all to check my new point & click adventure released a free days ago!

    The game is free to download and play (Mac, PC, linux) and I did just for the pleasure to share this story, so please visit the following sites if you´re looking for a hand made indie adventure to enjoy Crazy

    The year: 1974 – winter vacation, to be precise. Something weird is going on in a sleepy Argentinean rural town. The neighbours’ behaviour is stranger than usual, the livestock suffers from a constipation epidemic and some folks claim to have seen curious lights in the night sky…

    The truth is that when you’re on vacation, nights have a way of feeling even longer… It’s the perfect time to test the guts and gumption of Sol 705, a student club devoted to the search for extraterrestrial phenomena. But the boys will face their toughest challenge while making contact with those fabled creatures… members of the opposite sex!
    Welcome to SOL705 a point a click adventure that takes place in an analog old fashioned time-continuum when even to find a single telephone is going to be a real nightmare!

    * English version performed by extra-talented voice actors!
    * Psychedelic and progressive Pop Rock soundtrack!
    * An unmatched decadent sociocultural atmosphere!
    * Super funny puzzles and subtitles in both english and spanish!

    So I hope you like it and please share with me your opinions and feelings about it! Tnx a lot!


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  • #2, by afrlmeSaturday, 04. November 2017, 19:14 7 years ago
    Congrats on the release. I'll check it out when I get the time. In the meantime could you please delete the other 2 duplicate threads you created. Thank you.

    P.S: I looked at your website. Was going to ask if you developed this with Visionaire Studio, but I see you used something called Blade Engine instead?


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