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  • #10, by afrlmeThursday, 22. September 2016, 15:08 8 years ago
    haha speaking of puzzled, the other Juho I know, who is also from Finland if I remember correctly used to (or maybe still does) go by the music production alias of Puzzle.

    I would be able to solve it, but it would mean me reworking it from scratch to figure out what got messed up & I've not the time or patience for doing that at the minute.


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  • #11, by sebastianThursday, 22. September 2016, 15:50 8 years ago
    i would suggest to do the slider as an animation (only the knob) of an object which has the full length if the slider and have the object polygon surrounding the whole slider area. when clicking (or click+hold) on a place inside the object polygon you can move the animation (only the slider knob) to your cursor x position and fixed y position andnuodate the wanted value in regards to its new position

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  • #12, by afrlmeThursday, 22. September 2016, 16:06 8 years ago
    Actually that is a good point... it's also now possible to query if something is inside of a polygon area.

    By the way, that is how it already works - or at least should work. Handle is an animation that can be moved along the inside of a scene objects polygon area. Just for some reason it's not doing that & I have a bastard of a headache at the minute.

    You don't technically even need the polygon. I could do the whole thing in Lua script by checking if current scene is options menu then if so if left click inside of x,y radius then update object (handle) offset or the animation that is being used. Same for dragging.

    I think the problem is non-scripter (I'm assuming mind) & the fact that the volume slider or options slider in general is an advanced script / feature. It's not exactly simple on account of the math equation nonsense & all the different actions scattered around the various different sections of the editor that are required to make it work.


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