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  • #10, by afrlmeMonday, 05. December 2016, 12:39 8 years ago
    You would have to create each button as a new interface. For scene objects sure, because you can use either of the move object action parts found under scene actions added to one of the prior versions of VS 4.x.

    As for interfaces, you can create new interface classes via the explorer tool. It's been explained a few times on here before, so see if you can find it via search.

    Anyway, you can open up the explorer tool with ctrl+e or you can find it via the menu bar under tools > explorer. Here's a super quick rundown of creating new interface classes (should you need them)...

    1. open up the explorer tool

    2. scroll down the explorer tool list until you find eInterfaceClasses.

    3. right click on it & select the create option (only option there is).

    4. left click on the newly created interface class. Give it an appropriate name.

    5. expand the new interface & left click on InterfaceClassName & give that the same name as what you just called the new interface class (!important).

    6. rinse & repeat for any other interface classes you want to create.


    @Sebastian: aye the animation, but not the interaction polygon. I guess it depends if they need to move that too.


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  • #11, by bananeisafreeMonday, 05. December 2016, 19:38 8 years ago
    @Sebastian : True, but as stated Lee, the problem is that the active zone is set to the object, not the animation. wich limits the uses you can make with the button. (basicaly it can't lead to a too big button or it will make for a very large area of blank space).
    Of course we can imagine a whole system where the animation and the zone are not in the same button, making the button cease to exist as soon as we over it etc ...

    @Lee : Indeed, I already make use of that new interface class trick (I saw it on another post, probably written by you ;p).
    But since I use a verbcoin I hoped to put it all in a same interface so it would not bug out when the verbcoin is open on the far reach of the screen.
    But I guess I could cheat by creating a background image with the button and a transparent background of roughly the same size of the VerbCoin though ...
    Much tinkering to do !

    Thank you both for your input ! smile

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  • #12, by sebastianMonday, 05. December 2016, 22:58 8 years ago
    you can rekrganize the polygon, too. So its not the matter of "not possible". But I agree:Lee's Version would work better as it as less trouble with the aftermath and hs more possibilities  

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