Searshing tutorials about LUA / Ilios

  • #10, by afrlmeMonday, 01. May, 00:28 A month ago
    I don't know anything about that or Linux - can't stand Linux myself - but I can tell you that it's probably the least stable version of the VS editor as it's a more recent addition compared to Windows & Mac. Windows is the most stable out of the 3 as VS originally started out as a Windows only app.


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  • #11, by steph-j-6128Monday, 01. May, 00:35 A month ago
    Ok, I understand.
    As I can run Windows apps on Linux it's not a big thing to me but this version is useless if there is bugs like this


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  • #12, by NigecMonday, 01. May, 10:06 A month ago
    Maybe join the discord and report the  bug?
    I reported a bug a while ago about the user data hidden folder having a typo for the editor, I think game data was ok
    I don't have linux installed at the moment sorry

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  • #13, by steph-j-6128Monday, 01. May, 10:15 A month ago
    Ok, I will do this


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