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  • #1, by LupaShivaThursday, 06. July 2017, 21:12 7 years ago
    Hello everyone

    Anyone knows any way to play a game made in Visionaire (EXE) from a website? I mean with no installs, just entering a Website and play the game.

    Thank you

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  • #2, by afrlmeThursday, 06. July 2017, 21:23 7 years ago
    Export as html5 upload to your website or I think they will still have to temp download certain files to their hdd though which should be automatically handled when they load the game in whichever internet browser they use.


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  • #3, by NigecThursday, 06. July 2017, 21:36 7 years ago
    that's the MI1 template I did built to work online, it seems to work ok with Firefox and Edge.. Chrome has an issue but I think it was fixed

    If you try it you'll see it would need a rethink on changing scenes, its a bit messed up.. but anyway its a old V3 scene with very little changed

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  • #4, by LupaShivaFriday, 07. July 2017, 18:29 7 years ago
    It doesnt go beyond the driftwood entrance screen =( but i think i understand how it works, would it work on a page like patreon?

    Thank you

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  • #5, by sebastianFriday, 07. July 2017, 18:30 7 years ago
    you have to load the files onto a webspace like a normal website. ai doubt patreon allows hosting projects like webpages... 

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