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  • #1, by LupaShivaFriday, 05. June 2020, 15:42 4 years ago
    Hello everyone

    Ive been away from Visionaire for a long time due to work, but now i returned, but im having some doubts, i have a 4.X license, got it long time ago or it was even 3.X cant remenber, my questions are, how do i know if i already have the license in the visionaire i got installed long time ago on the computer? And does a license from 4.X works on 5?


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  • #2, by afrlmeFriday, 05. June 2020, 22:32 4 years ago
    A'llo, the 4.x license is valid for 5.x. wink

    You will probably have to search your email for your name/license key - unless you still have VS installed, in which case you can find the license name holder & license key in the viseditor.ini file which should be located somewhere along the lines of...

    c:/users/user name/appdata/local/visionaire editor/


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  • #3, by MainframeSaturday, 06. June 2020, 03:10 4 years ago
    Sorry to hijack this thread but I also have a question related to licenses. I bought a license for one indie user on my main rig, but a few days ago tried to transfer my files to my laptop to carry on working on my game whilst on the go. The problem is the I couldn't register using the previous licence so I simply bought another one. Thing is I noticed that the second license key is exactly the same as the first one I bought. Have I wasted my money? Thanks. 


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  • #4, by afrlmeSaturday, 06. June 2020, 18:19 4 years ago
    Most likely. I recommend talking to Simon about it. Feel free to join our discord server, as you will find him online on there most of the day, most days (but be mindful that we are in the EU).

    In regards to your license, it should have worked just fine for your laptop too. Maybe you didn't enter it correctly?


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