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  • #1, by ygmantellTuesday, 08. September 2015, 23:04 9 years ago
    I (stupidly) imported a background image for one scene, not realizing that it was unfinished. I intended to make a scrolling scene, but instead just imported half of the image that was the size of the resolution. I only realized this mistake after making many scene objects. My question is: am I able to re-import my new background image without deleting all of my scene objects. The new image, will be about twice as long as the original. Will Visionaire automatically align the new one with a right corner, making all of the scene objects remain in there places, or do I need to move/re-make all of them?

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  • #2, by afrlmeTuesday, 08. September 2015, 23:10 9 years ago
    Replacing the background image won't affect the placement of the scene objects as they have been set to specific coordinates. The scene objects will not automatically reposition themselves based on the new backgrounds width or height.

    If you need to reposition the images / animations then you can do so by selecting the image icon on the toolbar & left click dragging or left click & nudging with the keyboard arrow keys to move the selected image / animation.

    As for repositioning the object area polygon: if you select the object area icon on the toolbar & the object whose polygon you want to move then hold ctrl & left click somewhere inside you objects polygon then you will be able to left click & drag the polygon to its new position or nudge it into position with the arrow keys.

    Hope this helps?

    P.S: all images / animations & scene background positions are based on the top left corner. The top left corner coordinate of a scene background is always 0, 0.


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