Random crashes - Abnormal program termination

  • #1, by NovelFriday, 18. April 2014, 00:38 10 years ago
    Until two weeks ago or so I didn't experience any crashis with the visionare player. Now, shortly before my release date, I have them all the time... :-(
    The game crashes often, when a scene with big animations is loaded. The animation goes slow at first and then the engine either catches itself again or crashes.

    Can I prevent this from happening by preloading and unloading all the somewhat bigger animations all the time?

    Thing is, the game behaves like this also in scenes that had been stable over months. I added lots of stuff at the second half of the game but that shouldn't have any impact on the scenes at the beginning or should it?

    I attached the dump file and the messages log here.


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  • #2, by SimonSFriday, 18. April 2014, 01:04 10 years ago
    Please say something to your hardware configuration, also note that we strongly advise switching to 4.0.

    How much animation data do you use in your game ? Have you added something heavy lately concerning interfaces or characters ? You can look into loaded animations by pressing tab and entering SHOW TEXTURES or PRINT ANIMATIONS.

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  • #3, by NovelFriday, 18. April 2014, 05:46 10 years ago
    I will surely switch to 4.0 after the weekend, but the deadline for the competition I'm participating at is tomorrow, so 3.7 will have to do just for now. smile

    I'm testing on diverse hardware configs, xp, 7, netbook, high-end pc but there seems to be no rule. The animation data is not big, but the crashes happen on scenes where I make heavy use of the set animation position action with large one frame "animations". Could you see something in the dump file?


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  • #4, by NovelFriday, 18. April 2014, 15:32 10 years ago
    Hey, looks like I fixed it!

    For your interest: There were still a couple of huge "Persons" in the game from those days before I understood that objects can only be moved as animations...

    Second, I inserted preload/unload actions for all bigger objects.

    Now everything looks better and I could playtest the game from start to end in the player without crashes! Last thing to test is the actual compiled version, but I have a much better feeling now. :-)


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