random animation with different costumes

  • #10, by sebastianFriday, 31. July 2015, 11:03 6 years ago
    i dont know what CharacterCurrentOutfit will return when you save it into a lua variable.
    on top of the script you could save the current outfit into a variable and check later if its outfit a or b or c or...
    depending on that call the function for that specific outfit. Im pretty new to lua and dont know how to call the data structure stuff out of my head but i think in the wiki is an example after the most data structure names which explain how to grab these.

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  • #11, by afrlmeMonday, 03. August 2015, 13:21 6 years ago
    Please update to the latest build 1182.

    I wrote this ages ago. You should only need a single script. Please try editing the startAnimation lines like so...
    startAnimation( game.CurrentCharacter.CurrentOutfit.CharacterAnimations["useinv_n"] )

    -- shorthand code works best in the latest build.
    or you can use longhand code in the build you are using...

    ... either of those should work for returning the animation of the current outfit.

    P.S: you could actually make this script more global by turning it into a function which you could input the animation you want to start. As long as the prefix on the end of the animation names were always the same, i.e: use_n, use_nw, take_n, take_nw, etc, then it would be a much better option than writing a script for each interaction.


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