Pure Sidescrolling/2D adventure game

  • #1, by duckrabbitTuesday, 29. September, 16:13 3 weeks ago
    I'm trying to create a "pure" sidescrolling game, in which the characters can *only* go left/right. (as in "Super Mario Bros", eg)

    However, the zone in which one can "walk" always lets you go up/down.

    Is there a way to limit this?


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  • #2, by NigecTuesday, 29. September, 18:59 3 weeks ago
    A really narrow walk area is the quick way
    there is a script to use arrow keys, which looks better, I think its in the Wiki, Simon ASA recently used it in one of his games; Francium - A Robot's Quest, its not a side scroller but it does use the script

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