Problem with importing Images

  • #1, by HanzMonday, 12. September 2016, 16:36 8 years ago
    When I import .png Images from my Computer to Visionaire Studio to use them as Character Animations, the Program seems to cut off the very right Row of Pixels by itself, I have no Idea how to fix this.

    Some Help would be apprechiated.


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  • #2, by sebastianMonday, 12. September 2016, 16:38 8 years ago
    seems to be graphical issue in 4.2.5 editor.
    don't worry the images are still the same when you launch the game.

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  • #3, by afrlmeMonday, 12. September 2016, 17:39 8 years ago
    I've never actually noticed this myself, but I don't pay massive attention to animations / images in the editor as I position them based on top left pixel of the image/animation. As Sebastian says, they should display correctly when you run your game via editor or export your game into a playable build.


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