Problem building game for Android (VS doesn't create APK)

  • #1, by juansirlinkWednesday, 22. February 2017, 21:40 7 years ago
    Hi, guys,

    Im  trying to build the game for Android and I have a problem. The program does not create the file Android APK. I was reading old posts and I found something about the same error I get when I try build the game.

    The error is this: Unable to open 'C:\Users\Darren\OneDrive\APB\Build\APB_android_signed.apk' as zip archive

    I read that SimonS explained this steps:

    - Do the steps in the faq
    - Copy the visionaire.apk und visionaire.apk.keystore to the folder
    - Pack the config.ini and your vis and all files into an assets folder in the apk (use winrar and set compression to store!)
    - Run: jarsigner –verbose -storepass android -digestalg sha1 –keystore visionaire.apk.keystore –signedjar visionaire_signed.apk visionaire.apk androiddebugkey

    The problem is that I dont really understand what I have to do...

    Anyone can explain me the steps to solve this trouble?

    Thanks a lot, guys!!


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  • #2, by juansirlinkThursday, 23. February 2017, 00:24 7 years ago
    I found this message on the forum:

     Schritte 1-5 aus Player_FAQ

    Installieren des JDK und hinzufügen des dazugehörigen neuen Javapfades zur Windows-Path-Variable

    Entpacken des Android SDK an einen Pfad der keine Leerzeichen beinhaltet

    Erstellen der *.vis-Datei und der config.ini über "Spiel erstellen" im Visionaire Editor in einen neuen Ordner (ich nenne ihn im folgenden Export-Ordner)

    Kopieren von visionaire.apk und visionaire.apk.keystore in den Export-Ordner

    visionaire.apk im Export-Ordner mit winrar öffnen (nicht entpacken), CERT.RSA und CERT.SF im Ordner META-INF löschen, ordner assets im hauptordner erstellen, in ordner assets gehen und dort über den Add-Button die config.ini und *.vis-Datei hinzufügen. Als Compression method "store" (bzw in der deutschen Version "speichern") wählen

    Dann in der Windows-Eingabeaufforderung in den Export-Ordner gehen und dort folgende zwei Befehle eingeben:

    jarsigner –verbose -storepass android -digestalg sha1 –keystore visionaire.apk.keystore –signedjar visionaire_signed.apk visionaire.apk androiddebugkey

    *Downloadpfad des Android SDK*\sdk\build-tools\android-4.4W\zipalign -f 4 visionaire_signed.apk visionaire_aligned.apk

    I think is the solution, but i dont understant German language, can anyone trasnlate this in english? Thank you a lot!!!


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  • #3, by SimonSThursday, 23. February 2017, 01:11 7 years ago
    Hi, I recommend waiting for the full version of visionaire 5. Everything is taken care there of including changing the icon and name or export to obb. It's just really complicated if you're not familiar with the command line.

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  • #4, by juansirlinkThursday, 23. February 2017, 09:51 7 years ago
    Thanks for answering, SimonS. Ok, we're going to wait for the full version of VS 5. I was reading in some threads about creating this apk manually and I saw it is somewhat complicated...


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