Possible Android apk +OBB !!!

  • #10, by keil-nathSaturday, 19. October 2019, 08:01 3 years ago
    I don't know exactly for this port but It seems VS make a single apk. As you know google play don't accept apk files larger than 100 MB .
    Does VS make apk + data storage or apk +OBB for accept Google play ?
    Or it's possible in mobile license only.
    Here is the fines list of Android + OBB data: Observe then and you will have an idea.


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  • #11, by afrlmeSunday, 20. October 2019, 16:24 3 years ago
    not sure if this is spam or not - seems relevant, but either way... nice necro of a 4 year old thread. :shakeshark:


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  • #12, by TinTinSunday, 20. October 2019, 16:42 3 years ago
    As far as I know "apk+OBB" is under VS mobile license.
    Google Play accept maximum 100MB for an apk. More than you must make data package

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  • #13, by darren-beckettWednesday, 01. January 2020, 21:10 2 years ago
    Have you tried using the "Convert to WebP" build option?
    This will make a massive size difference to the apk.

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