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  • #10, by loro-gamesMonday, 17. August 2015, 16:50 9 years ago
    You could also make a little mockup menu that you can run from any point in the game (for example with a specific key) which leads you to a screen where you can choose scenes or switch on conditions and so on. As long as you delete that menu upon finishing your game in the end this could be pretty helpful grin


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  • #11, by sebastianMonday, 17. August 2015, 18:09 9 years ago
    you can change scenes ingame by pressing TAB and enter "change scene <scenename>"

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  • #12, by Simon_ASAMonday, 17. August 2015, 18:22 9 years ago
    I'm not sure if i understand, but how could it be possible to skip the change conditions part?

    I don't remember exactly how it worked in Adventure Maker (it's been 3 years lol). It is possible that the conditions had to be changed manually. However it was possible to right click on a scene and choose "run", which was saving a bit of time.

    you can change scenes ingame by pressing TAB and enter "change scene "

    Ah, thanks ! That's what I thought but I didn't check.

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  • #13, by AlexTuesday, 18. August 2015, 01:27 9 years ago
    for fast testing you can use "change scene" in the console. For enhanced testing you should create actions in the main menu to switch to your scenes like SleeperHold mentioned. In those actions you can set the relevant state (conditions, character position, interface items, etc.). That's how it's usually done by daedalic and others to develop large games.

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  • #14, by DilatedTuesday, 18. August 2015, 07:24 9 years ago
    The way I do it is just to set up hotkeys (Key actions) on the fly. Generally you're going to be testing a single scene for quite a while. So you just set up a hot key (I use space) to "Switch to Scene" Then I add all the required conditions or items I need to test the scene.

    So you start the game, press hotkey, bam, you're play testing the exact thing you want to test.

    I used to have a 'debug interface' but becomes useless when you want to test very specific things with items and conditions.

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