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  • #1, by irinaSaturday, 17. September, 20:12 2 weeks ago

    I would like to create a game that works on both a pc and a tablet. What do I need to consider when configuring? I have no playable character. It's from the ego perspective and the mouse curser is visible. 

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  • #2, by afrlmeSaturday, 17. September, 20:23 2 weeks ago
    The thing that's going to be the biggest determing factor of whether or not it runs nice & smooth on both desktops & tablets is the default game resolution. Seeing as you are doing a first person game you might be able to get away with using a default resolution of 1920x1080, but if you want to play it safe then I would recommend using 1280x720 instead.

    Also I would highly recommend using XnConvert from the start to batch convert your png files into webp image format & import those into Visionaire Studio instead of the png files as webp image format tends to be up to 50% smaller than png.

    Here's the link to the wiki page I wrote that contains a link to XnConvert, as well as a small guide on how to set it up & use it.

    Here's another guide I wrote on how to create overlay interfaces & also how to split a single scene into 4 scenes - I don't know if the latter is viable for mobile/tablets as you are technically creating a scene that's 4x or higher than the default game resolution & forcing the camera position to the section you need it on, but it certainly helps keep the project organized by having all perspective views of a room in the same scene.


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  • #3, by irinaSaturday, 17. September, 21:04 2 weeks ago
    Thank you! 


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