Particle System always follow the camera?

  • #1, by MortoAllegroSaturday, 03. October 2015, 21:24 9 years ago
    maybe it's me that in not able to find a solution, but why particle is always set as absolute position on the screen??

    i have a scene in a lake that have the scrolling and when the camera scroll my area, the particle follow the camera, or to say it correctly seems to be positioned in absolute like interface can do.

    can i have particle unrelated to the camera movement? (or scrolling)


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  • #2, by tristan-kangSaturday, 03. October 2015, 21:36 9 years ago
    You should put the particle inside the object, not in the scene. Then it doesn't follow you.

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  • #3, by afrlmeSaturday, 03. October 2015, 21:53 9 years ago
    Yeah... inside of the effects tab of a scene object you can link a particle system. That particle system should then take on various properties of the linked object.


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  • #4, by MortoAllegroSaturday, 03. October 2015, 22:31 9 years ago
    AHH! not noticed that i can add a particle to a object! you two are a genius!
    Thank you!


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