OSX build/mouse problem

  • #1, by gabartsTuesday, 25. December 2018, 16:01 6 years ago
    First of all Merry Christmas to everybody smile

    I've exported the game for Osx, I got a zip file and all the single files, I've put everything in a folder after unzipping the file on the Mac.

    I get an issue with the cursor, the Mac display flashes for a second and then the player starts. Basically I have 2 cursors, one of the Mac and one of the game, but I can't move the game cursors because of the basic mac cursor. Is a known bug, how to solve? Thanks for support guys

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  • #2, by sebastianSunday, 30. December 2018, 22:57 6 years ago
    can you record a video somehow? Its a bit difficult to follow. 
    I know sometimes the system cursor appears above the ingame cursor in the player, but it should still be moveable.

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