Offering: free graphics for youre adventure

  • #1, by VollgaserWednesday, 04. March 2015, 11:50 6 years ago
    Offer realistic graphics work for background, items and so on, but not characters.

    Examples of my stuff you can see here:


    2D renders:

    2D hand-drawn:

    Also I can do photo-manipulation (Photoshop).

    Just message me with a description of youre project. I work for free, but only if the project is interesting and well organised.


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  • #2, by VollgaserThursday, 23. April 2015, 12:16 6 years ago
    More pictures enclosed.


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  • #3, by ygmantellThursday, 30. July 2015, 15:41 6 years ago
    I really love your work, but (and this may be a stupid question), I am working on a pixel art game. Would you be able to work with that?

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