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  • #1, by christine-brillonTuesday, 30. April 2019, 20:56 5 years ago
    Hello there!

    So I am trying to make interchangeable NPCs. Right now I have the game set that you pick up a chocolate bar and you trade that in to an NPC at a booth. The NPC gives a cake and then is hidden. I'm stuck on getting the next NPCs to show when I want them to because they show up in the same spot. How can I resolve this? I have 7 NPCs that are in that one spot, but different items must be traded for them to move on to the next NPC.


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  • #2, by afrlmeTuesday, 30. April 2019, 23:12 5 years ago
    you can use the set position/set position to object action parts found under scene action parts, or alternatively you could just show/hide the characters as needed - there's an action part for that under character action parts.


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