No check box to continue music in next scene?

  • #1, by sintraceurMonday, 28. April 2014, 02:35 10 years ago
    Is there no check box to continue music in the next scene in V4 or am I missing something really obvious?



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  • #2, by afrlmeMonday, 28. April 2014, 03:22 10 years ago
    Not sure where it's gone, but I don't recommend using it anyway - only for menus. If the linked audio file for background music is the same for current scene as previous scene then it will continue playing anyway. Plus the issue with the continue music from previous scene method was that if you saved on a scene that had that option enabled, you would end up loading that scene & start with no music or the music from the menu which would be classed as the previous scene.


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  • #3, by AlexMonday, 28. April 2014, 21:44 10 years ago
    the setting was removed on purpose. Mainly because it was an issue when you loaded a scene with continued music. And the setting is not needed anyway.

    If the new scene has the same background music as the previous scene then the music is continued automatically. If you need to set the background music for the new scene dynamically (depending on the previous scene) you can do this via action part or scripting.

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