Neyyah - 1st person point n click adventure puzzle game

  • #1, by aaron-gwynaireMonday, 31. August 2020, 18:28 3 years ago
    Hey guys! My name's Aaron Gwynaire. I run Defy Reality Entertainment and I currently developing a Myst-style 1st person point n click game called Neyyah - have been now for just over 2 years. Although I am mainly using Blender curently, I will be using the awesome Visionaire Studio 5 engine to bring this world to life. I released a test build playthrough in April last year which you can watch here:

    In Neyyah, you play yourself … You are thrown into a strange secretive world where you must use careful observation and logic to uncover the mysteries entwined within Neyyah's peculiar landscapes and bizarre cultures. The fate of worlds lies in your hands ... The game runs in the same style as the original Myst and Riven games and can be wishlisted on Steam at

    As mentioned, I will be using Visionaire Studio 5 to build the game, so will most likely be jumping on here a lot more over the next good while if I need any help with any Visionaire aspects of the game dev! smile

    Feel free to check out these links too if you would like to see more or find out more about the game:
    An article on my game dev processes on 80lvl (includes Visionaire work):

    - Aaron Gwynaire
    CEO of Defy Reality Entertainment


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  • #2, by NigecWednesday, 02. September 2020, 10:21 3 years ago
    looking good, I think  Simon-asa has mentioned it before?

    Change the cursors tho, I  they crop up in a lot of games... even mine lol..  I think they are from the SCream engine or Dagon

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