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  • #1, by tom-hardwidgeThursday, 15. October, 22:57 A week ago

    In my game I have a menu with settings controlling the voice/text output etc.
    These can be changed during the game or before a game is started/loaded

    Any "New game" defaults to the settings that were present when the initial autosave=0 was set on the player's first new game.

    Is there any way that I can store their menu settings globally, so that someone who initially played with one set of settings, but has since changed them and wants to start a new game with their new settings doesn't get the following scenario.

    Text is turned off
    First ever game is started
    Autosave remembers this setting
    Game is quit
    Game is reloaded
    Text is turned on
    New game is started
    Text has been turned off again due to initial autosave settings

    I know they can go back and change their settings once the game has commenced, but it's just a bit annoying if they actively change their settings and have them ignored on subsequent new games.



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  • #2, by NigecFriday, 16. October, 08:54 A week ago
    In the wiki there is a config.ini script you can  store values, a lot of people use it

    there's a little fix you need to do with line endings for Linux and maybe Mac, but its easy to do

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  • #3, by tom-hardwidgeTuesday, 20. October, 16:07 3 days ago
    Cool, thanks. Will give that a whirl!


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