Need Help with interface/menu system

  • #10, by DuggySaturday, 28. November 2015, 07:42 9 years ago
    Playing with the object order seems to have got it working. Not really sure how, but he walks over things, in front and behind as I intended! Wahoo progress!
    Now to work out how to make the items disappear as the player clicks on them!

    EDIT - found how to set object areas, so my 1280 x 720 images are working fine - just not sure if it will make the game too big once I have a ton of rooms.

    Still trying to work out how to get the action of clicking the object to also mark it off a list some how. Should I use an interface so its visible while the scene is being played and the objects selected. Any ideas?

    I also want the door to unlock, a cutscene to trigger (which I have the ability to animate) and the in game ipad menu to be accessible once all the items have been found. Any tips on how to start with that?


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  • #11, by afrlmeSaturday, 28. November 2015, 12:06 9 years ago
    Damn too many posts for me to read over now. razz

    First things first, the order of your objects is important, as the engine uses this list to draw them in the correct order. If they are not in order then you sometimes get strange side effects. To automatically organize them into the correct order: click on the double yellow arrow icon on the scene tool bar.

    Quick note #1: An object center (also known as z-index) of -1 will always be displayed behind the character, whereas an object center that is the height of your background or background height +1 will always be displayed below your character. Any other value will depend on the relation of the characters position (animation center position you set for each character animation) to the object center value (y-coordinate on scene) to determine if the object will be drawn in front of or behind the character.

    As for the image thing you mentioned... sure you can use images at the same size as your background, but from an optimization point of view it's not good practice, but it sure saves a lot of time. My method is to simply have 2 background images. One is the final image without the objects on it & another is a temporary one that has all the scene objects on it. You start off with the temporary background then use that to manually add & align each scene object up correctly. When done, simply swap out the temporary background image for the final one.

    Right the list. Simplest solution... assign a condition to whatever it is you want to disappear or get striked out / checked on the list & then when you click on an object you can then change the value of the condition to activate (show) or disable (hide) any objects / buttons etc that are linked to the condition.

    Alternatively you could create an image based list showing the object images & then update the opacity of the relevant image (object) whenever you find one.


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  • #12, by DuggySaturday, 28. November 2015, 15:14 9 years ago
    Thanks so much for your super helpful reply!
    One of the main reasons I had no worries buying this was seeing how helpful you blokes are on the forums. I bookmarked a ton of forum topics to save me wasting your time asking the 30th "what resolution...." question (which I did do, sorry!)

    I've managed to 'master' most of my object issues.

    My progress:

    - Scene Object order! (didn't know about the auto arrange though - thanks!)

    - Scene Object areas/centres! (thinking about having all the semi transparent hidden objects on the main background art, then having object areas with a condition to display a fully visible image once clicked on. These will be additional to the actual hidden objects, just logo's hidden in the art that will light up when found.)

    - Scene Object Conditions and Actions! (the player walks around, clicks on the hidden objects and they disappear. Working on figuring out how to add other kinds of actions next - text, animation, sfx, etc with the tutorial.

    - 2d Animation! (I ended up going with the CrazyTalk7, CrazyTalk Animator 2, and Facial Filter3 black friday bundle over messing with AfterEffects or something like Spine or Blender just yet.. Managed to get basic walking animations made and imported into VS. Need to mess with this more, getting a slightly blurry character, I think I need to make the animation images bigger.)

    - Menu design! (I really like that sliding Deponia menu, and am going to attempt that with my in-game Ipad menu system. I'm thinking I just link a save button in there that calls up the Save Game menu scene example you've given.
    Going to watch some more youtube vids for ideas of what's possible, like a 'quest log', 'collectables screen', 'message screen' and best way to build them. Got a fair bit of concept art done for these screens, so I'll start delving into that soon.)

    - I really like the idea of making the list out of images of the object! That's awesome! That will be my next focus, designing and implementing that. Super pumped!

    As I have a basic scene 'playable', with a handful of 'hidden' objects that can be clicked to be removed, I'm going to attempt a build, and post it here.
    So funny, 5 seconds of 'gameplay' but I have learned hundreds of hours of basic game development tools, how to 'draw', photoshop, illustrator, crazytalk, and of course VS!

    Thanks again man!

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