need developers and designers to create me a point and click game

  • #10, by sebastianWednesday, 02. May 2018, 21:37 6 years ago
    first of all: welcome to the forum smile

    As you can see there are very mixed feelings about your presentation. All in all i am not sure if your idea is well thought out. You plan to give the fundings from a kickstarter campaign to the developer who would build your game. Then how does the kickstarter campaign will look like? You would have nothing to present because the development would likeley start only if funding is successful. And i assume noone will back a game were you only show of some concepts, ideas or dreams. This went never well. 
    Thats what it sounded like in your first post. So there would definitely be some money involved before you can start a campaign anyway. And this is not clearly mentioned. 

    Also the part with "all game sales money goes to me, you get credit" sounds very disrespectul. 
    Of course there should be an agreement of what would a dev get paid and for what, but in combination with your whole presentation it made me feel very sad on how some people see the work of making games. 
    Either get freelancers to work on parts of your game and pay them for these or let a whole game be developed, but then let them be part of the success of the sales...
    At least thats how i see it. 

    So if you really plan to get this done by external people completely, you would definitely make these things more clear. Also your topic lacks a lot of reasons why exactly someone should make a game for you besides "i will give you the funding money (-tax, - kickstarter provision, etc)". 
    What is the game idea about? (1:1 book story recreation or something else?), How long should it take to play, what are your expectations to the game ? what are your expectations to the dev? , how long do you plan for its production (which may varies from the real time which is needed, but here probable devs can estimate what is doable)... 

    Good luck anyway =) 


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  • #11, by ilyxy-pba50Thursday, 03. May 2018, 01:24 6 years ago
    Ok everyone i listen to everyone's advise and just give up. I understand making a video game is extremely hard especially trying to fund it. Im just setting myself up for failure and its extremely hard for anyone to fund their games on like kickstarter. So i totally give up as everyone else says its a stupid idea and i will FAIL!!!! Its too competitive to be successful in this world.

    I just hope my book will be successful but then i understand that its very competitive so i may not be very successful.

    Thanks everyone for giving me the feedback it's impossible to be successful because thats the fact of life you cant be.


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  • #12, by sebastianThursday, 03. May 2018, 01:55 6 years ago
    Hi again, 

    noone advised you to give up.
    The road to success is plastered with stones and sometimes dead ends where its maybe good to reevaluate. 

    But that should never be a reason to cancel your dream. If you really believe that a game to your book is a great thing it would be a good idea by starting by yourself and note down your ideas and conditions on how the game should look like. 
    As mentioned: Just saying "make my game, here is some money" without going into details on your expections will not help and will not attract developers (at least if you want quality work) . 

    Also Kickstarter is maybe not the best option anyway when you are not really involved in the creation process later. 

    Im not sure where you live, but in germany for example there are several media accossioations where you can apply to and get money fundings under specific conditions for creating games. If this also exist in your country this would be more reliable than crowdfunding anyway. 

    Hope this helps in a way to bring you back on the road wink 

    kind regards

    PS: don't take forum posts to personally. Reading something has mostly another sound in your head as it was intended by the writer. Especially in forum discussions. 
    After all we try to help and sometimes open eyes of people who may see some things a little bit too easily done. 

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  • #13, by ilyxy-pba50Thursday, 03. May 2018, 03:53 6 years ago
    Hi Sebastian, i have actually written a very detailed documents on what the gameplay will be, characters look like, kind of environments ect a very detailed documents up to 10 pages i detailed every little bit to the smallest details. I was planning to show these documents to the developers and designers but havent included in my post. i did these documents a few months ago.

    But i do understand that making a video game is very hard work.


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  • #14, by trepnThursday, 03. May 2018, 12:07 6 years ago
    Do you have any experience in software/game development? You write that you want a quote for the whole project beforehand. Seems quite impossible to me, especially with a project document of 10 pages. There are scenes in the game I am making that need 10 pages to cover all the details. 

    It's pretty common to approach game development in a flexible way, leaving room for new insights and changes. I personally think that is a good way to approach development because you remain flexible and can improve the quality of the game along the way, the turnside is that you cannot oversee costs in advance. So if you are not able to develop the game yourself I think it would be more fair to pay ppl by the hour instead of asking a fixed price in advance for something that is impossible to oversee.


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  • #15, by MachtnixThursday, 03. May 2018, 16:32 6 years ago
    The market doesn't look well for adventures. There are a lot of games from excellent artists with funny ideas - but nobody wants to pay for it. 
    Look at the links what starts with Kickstarter and how much money they want:

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  • #16, by ilyxy-pba50Saturday, 05. May 2018, 06:26 6 years ago
    ok just to let everyone know that, I am more of a writer thats my field and I'm sorry that i offended everyone on here about hiring developers/designers i understand that it was very offensive what i offered, but i didn't know that it was such an offensive question to ask about hiring developers or designers. I have decided to stick with the writting part and maybe will create a comic book out of my story in the future, if i hire a comic book artist i don't want it to be offensive like when I hire developers/designers so hopefully i don't offend a artist if i decide to hire an artist pay pay the artist for my comic book based on my book. I have hired a illustrator for my book but he wasn't offended at all i paid him and he did the illustrations and i credit him in my book.

    But I do understand i will never hire a video game developer or designers for a video game as i understand that video game developers and designers its a very offensive question to ask, so i have decided not to go ahead with the idea of making a video game, I have learnt that if you want to make a video game that you need to make it yourself if you hire someone or people to make your video game then its very offensive even if you pay them. So i have decided to pass on video game making on hiring people.


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  • #17, by dionousSaturday, 05. May 2018, 08:04 6 years ago
    Hiring developers is not offensive, don't get it wrong; it is just the way you presented that was abit annoying. But that's fine, i understand that you are not yet aware of how things work in the business, no need to get disappointed.

    You need to check different business plans: 

    - funding in Kickstarter is not working anymore like it used to be. Also you cannot go to Kickstarter without a working demo, your campaign is doomed to fail. So get some guys to make a demo, then you can try Kickstarter, but again, funding is very difficult these days.

    - Hiring developers for a lumpsum cost and then mention them only in the credits is not a concept i usually see. Developers/Publishers always have profits from the sales. We are a small company, but what we are doing for example is  that if we have an interesting scenario and good writing, we can develop/publish the game at our own costs -you don't pay a cent- and then you get your share of the profits, and of course your name in the credits wink

    To be honest would like to have a sample of your writing, because your posts here are abit 'messy', i guess your writing is better smile

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