Mr Fart - Adventure

  • #60, by joemidMonday, 02. May 2016, 15:39 7 years ago
    Carmen Sandiego?! Wow! What a lot of work! Looking forward to the demo.


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  • #61, by afrlmeMonday, 02. May 2016, 16:28 7 years ago
    I tend to wear t-shirts from this company: which tells you how lazy I am. The wheelchair one is my favorite but I don't have that one, though I have seen a person in a wheelchair wearing it.


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  • #62, by kytattooThursday, 02. June 2016, 04:58 7 years ago
    Hi! I have watched the trailer and i must say thats cool) I am not the fan of cartoonish porn, but the way the game is made - wow , i like it))) Keep going )


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  • #63, by brut69Friday, 03. June 2016, 21:37 7 years ago
    I am having a few problems with the company as they are pushing me to start their own game. I may proceed with the\is game as a solo as it seems which is causing me delays but I am slowing getting there.

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