Making an object inactive

  • #1, by BarneySunday, 22. September 2013, 13:30 11 years ago
    I want an object to become inactive after the character has interacted with it, i.e. it stays on the scene, but when you move the cursor over it the name of the object isn't displayed and the cursor isn't highlighted.
    I can't simply make it a part of the background picture since it's an animated object.


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  • #2, by afrlmeSunday, 22. September 2013, 14:09 11 years ago
    wrap the actions inside of an if query with a condition or value which you change after first interaction of the object.

    if condition "object_name_clicked?" is false
     -- add action parts to execute here
    end if

    simple enough smile

    here check out this article I wrote about conditions & values:

    P.S: alternatively you could duplicate the object but don't have any actions assigned to the duplicate & then all you have to do is create a condition for the objects which you link to the properties tab for both; one with negate value set (which means condition: false)


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