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  • #1, by tux-berlinFriday, 20. September 2019, 11:41 5 years ago
    I'm looking for someone who already has experience with Visionair Studio to help me create a "freeware" point and click adventure. The license to Visionair I would buy and then make available as a team version. 
    We have a great graphic artist for the backgrounds, objects and characters on board as well as a few creative ones for the story and puzzles. 
    The reason for the "freeware" in quotes is that we want to start the project as a small mini-game (about 15-20 minutes playing time) and if it comes down to the graphic designer and the programmers (mainly you) a compensation for their time there should be enough support to make a full play out of it. 
    "We" that means a couple of little Twitcher / Youtubers 
    I would be very happy about help, because I am currently trying to bring myself Visionair alone, but on the basis of very outdated tutorials and too little time on my part, I am desperate. 
    Communication can be done in German or English as a team.

    If this forum is the wrong place to look for something like this, maybe someone can give me a tip where I could find it.


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  • #2, by esmeraldaFriday, 20. September 2019, 11:53 5 years ago
    I would be very happy about help, because I am currently trying to bring myself Visionair alone, but on the basis of very outdated tutorials and too little time on my part, I am desperate. 

    Did you take a look at Sebastians tutorials? (them being in German is no problem, I assume)
    Not outdated at all.

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  • #3, by tux-berlinFriday, 20. September 2019, 12:08 5 years ago
     I actually had a look at the these but there was a reason I couldn’t cope with them but I’m not sure why. have to look at them again 


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  • #4, by NigecFriday, 20. September 2019, 12:20 5 years ago
    I think its better to be able to do "something", my advice would be get something to show to draw people in.
    People will often let you down, its better if you can learn enough to keep the project alive. if your programer leaves 3/4 of the way in, your project effectively leaves with him/her

    Sorry I can't help, I don't do well in teams

    Look on the Discord channel, there's always coding support or general help

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  • #5, by afrlmeFriday, 20. September 2019, 14:27 5 years ago
    Sebastian's tutorials (in german) are quite up to date. He created them with VS 5. There's also tutorials in english by Silvernode Studios, but he hasn't created as many tutorials as Sebastian or covered any in depth stuff such as scripting.

    Now as Nige said, you need to create some kind of hook/pitch if you expect to get anyone on board. 99.9999999% of people won't bother either way as freeware/royalty based games rarely ever go anywhere & get abandoned. While you as the creator of the project may feel passionately about your game, you have to understand that people that join said projects consider them a hobby to do in the their spare time, & if your project has no direction/focus or ways to keep the people helping you out interested, then the project will just fizzle away.

    Fan projects are a different matter entirely, but they are risky as the ip owners of whatever you are creating a fan game about can demand you stop/abandon the project or file legal action against you. So it's always a good idea to ask permission if you want to create a fan project game about your favourite comic, tv show, film, or youtuber/streamer, etc.

    One thing I will recommend is writing a small GDD (game design document aka god damn document). It doesn't have to be in depth or full of 100's of pages, but it should at least include a basic summary of the storyline for your game, what features/mechanics you want to include, puzzle ideas, & various other things relevant to the game. Basically in other words, a list of goals for people to work towards. There's nothing worse than working on a game that has zero planning or thought put into it, because you get nowhere fast when you rely on winging it & just going with the flow of whatever ideas you or others come up with during the development process.

    Anyway, good luck & feel free to join our discord server. Maybe you can find some people on there, but maybe not as most of them are already working on their own projects, but you can at least meet & chat with other vs game developers & find or ask for help/tips. wink


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