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  • #1, by FlorianMonday, 21. July 2014, 14:45 7 years ago
    Welchen Zweck verfolgt eigentlich die Education-Lizenz für 250,- EUR?
    Sie kostet weit mehr als die Indie Multi-User-Lizenz aber lässt keinerlei Distributionsmöglichkeit zu.
    Warum sollte man sie sich zulegen?


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  • #2, by afrlmeMonday, 21. July 2014, 15:24 7 years ago
    It's for Schools & Universities etc. It's so that they can install it on as many machines as they like. But if a student wants to release their game for profit then said student should purchase a license. They can still release their games as freeware.

    I actually wanted the education license to be free.

    I actually want to revise the current license plan slightly. Don't know if Thomas or Alex will go for it though.

    Currently the multi-license does not specify amount of users or location. For instance can it be used in one location or does one only need to purchase 1 license which covers your entire team worldwide? Makes no sense to me.

    I would rather change that license to something like:

    • Max 5 users
    • Same location such as: house or office etc.

    At least that way it makes a lot more sense. & in that train of thought, then unless everyone working on your game (developers/programmers) who are working within the vs editor is in the same location then they would need to purchase the individual license, at least.

    The pro/mobile licenses without any of those restrictions (worldwide).

    I also want to add a cheaper mobile license at €99 per title. Basically similar to the indie multi license but with larger crowdfund limit & mobile distribution sales allowed. Change the current mobile license to allow publishers, make branding optional & no restrictions other than physical sales.


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  • #3, by FlorianMonday, 21. July 2014, 15:52 7 years ago
    In the actual licence configuration, the education model seems rather unnecessary.
    Usually, items labeled *education* hold a benefit, while here professors are well advised to purchase the indie multi-user licence.

    Improving the edu-licence by restricting the indie-licence leaves me sad.

    fun fact:
    The education-licence is available under 'SHOP' but somehow went missing in the index tab 'Licenses'


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  • #4, by afrlmeMonday, 21. July 2014, 19:10 7 years ago
    Yeah the license pages & shop pages & links etc are a bit all over the place.

    For me the education license should be free. It's something I believe in. Plus it's a great marketing strategy, with an endless potential of future clients.

    I just mean that the current indie-multi license is not very specific. Plus it makes sense to me to define a location & amount of users.

    Something else I would like to add is option to subscribe monthly for individual/multi indie licenses at say something like €4.95 & €9.95, as it would be great alternative payment method for people with low income, such as students & kids etc. Probably won't ever happen, but whatever... wink


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