Jack Rubber and the Adventure in the BBZine Mansion

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    We are "We got Dice" and Welcome to our first title "Jack Rubber and the adventure in the BBZine Mansion". Jack Rubber is our fearless and unpredictable main character, who manages to enter bbzine's mansion, where countless women with high "gifts" of charisma roam the house. While Jack was in the huge mansion, a famous and valuable diamond, the "Double D Diamond" mysteriously disappeared, can our hero find out what happened? And what reward awaits him?

    Unfortunately to continue the production of this adventure we need funds, for illustrations, songs, sound effects, hire artists to record voices, etc., and this is where we need your help, we only have 2 tiers right now, one where we show the ladies present in the house, another where we show these ladies more intimately. We will try to put new content once a week, and we will also have several free content, scenarios, items, musics, etc.

    Patreon link:

    We hope you enjoy it, and thank you very much for the support provided.


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