Issues with Spine exports

  • #1, by matthew-woodThursday, 11. June 2020, 18:35 4 years ago
    My animator and I are having trouble getting our Spine export to work in the engine. Everything is great in Spine and Visionaire Studio loads the spine file. I can see the various animations appear in the dropdown and the frames are present - but there is no images. The atlas, json, and png file are present. Is there something I'm missing? and what are the proper export settings to use?


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  • #2, by matthew-woodThursday, 11. June 2020, 18:39 4 years ago
    Here is a link to the export files that are giving us issues:


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  • #3, by SimonSThursday, 11. June 2020, 20:43 4 years ago
    I looked into it, it's a 4k image requiring 67MB RAM, but I only reserved 50. Fixed with the next update (coming in the next days).

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  • #4, by matthew-woodThursday, 11. June 2020, 21:10 4 years ago
    You're my hero!


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  • #5, by afrlmeThursday, 11. June 2020, 23:20 4 years ago
    Question: why are you using such massive image files? 2D games are very system resource intensive, especially when using high resolutions. You will be severely limiting who can play/run your game if you intend to make a 2D game @ 4K resolutions.

    1920x1080 (1080p) should be your target for high resolution/detailed artwork. or something like 1280x720 (720p) if you intend to also release for mobile/tablet platforms. or 480x270 if you are planning on doing low resolution pixel art & want it to scale nicely on all 16:9 aspect ratio resolutions.

    Quick note: most common used resolution according to steam stats is 1920x1080, the percentage of all other used resolutions is tiny in comparison. & the most used aspect ratio is 16:9. 4K doesn't even come into the picture at all because the amount of 4K users is tiny because not many people have the money to build a machine capable of running games smoothly at 4K. 2K on the other hand is getting more popular, 1920x1080 is still the most dominant resolution.

    3 most popular resolutions according to that are:

    1920x1080 -- full hd (64%  approx)
    1366x768 -- 15.4" laptop (10% approx)
    2560x1440 -- 2K (6% approx)


    3840 x 2160 -- 4K (2% approx)


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